STRAVINSKY | The Rake’s Progress (DNO 2018)

Paul's Tom Rakewell: "sung with colossal exuberance"

"The foolhardy Rakewell, sung with colossal exuberance by tenor Appleby, finds everything in his new life amazing" -translated from Place de l'Opera review of De Nationale Opera - Dutch National Opera's The Rake's Progress, full review here. "Vocally the most difficult role to occupy is the anti-hero role of Tom: heavy, versatile and bulky but [...]


DUTCH: Paul on his Tom Rakewell

The Dutch National Opera is presenting Simon McBurney's The Rake's Progress February 1-21, 2018. They interviewed Paul for their magazine (In Dutch). PAUL APPLEBY OVER TOM RAKEWELL: 'IK KEN ZIJN KARAKTER TE GOED' "Over Tom zeg ik altijd grappend: ik ken zijn karakter te goed." De Amerikaanse tenor Paul Appleby speelt Tom Rakewell in The [...]