OperaWire: Paul's "lyric tenor filled the outdoor Théâtre de Archevêché"

Appleby, who had sung the role previously, most notably at The Metropolitan Opera, and who is one the world’s leading interpreters of 20th-century opera repertoire, provided a convincing performance. He managed to convey Tom’s eagerness to master the newly discovered world of pleasure and vice, his pervasive cluelessness, and gradual slip into insanity. His lyric tenor filled the outdoor Théâtre de Archevêché and provided several highlights including “Vary the song” in Act II and especially the tragic final scene in which Rakewell has gone mad and fancies himself a repentant Adonis to Anne Trulove’s tender and compassionate Venus.
-OperaWire, review of Festival d’Aix-en-Provence’s The Rake’s Progress, full review here.